What I Ate.

Lately things have been so hectic that I have been eating the same things pretty much every day. Fruit and more fruit, tons of protein muffins and salads. I get stuck on foods and repeat them until I am sick of them and nobody wants to see a million pictures of the same protein muffins every morning, ha. So, nothing very exciting but I still wanted to share with you guys what I ate over the past week or so to help give ideas on clean eating. I found this great new farm to table restaurant in Boca that is amazing – Farmer’s Table Boca – they offer clean ingredients from local farms without all the excess crap you find in most restaurants. The outside seating area is adjacent to a hotel pool and makes for a very tropical and relaxing feel, perfect for work lunches to give you a nice break from the day. I plan on going back soon so I will report back with more yummy food.

haute-healthy-elizabeth-hannum-copy1 // tofu scramble //


// fresh fruits with coconut flakes //


// rice paper wraps //


// Mushroom Flatbread at Farmer’s Table Boca //


// Banana Bowl, inspired by Loni Jane. Just blend a ton of bananas with almond milk, top with more banana, coconut flakes & cinnamon //

I hope you enjoy seeing all the healthy food I have been eating lately and that it inspires you to keep up your clean eating. I know sometimes it can be hard, especially around holidays, but that is why it becomes a lifestyle not a diet, which means you can still enjoy the bad stuff in moderation because you are eating so healthy for the most part. Have a great week!

xx, Beth


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