Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG) Review

As you know I am fickle AF so I change my workout plan quite frequently. The latest one I tried was Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide or #BBG as known on social media. Just search the #BBG, #BBGgirls or #kaylasarmy hashtags on Instagram and you will see millions of women changing their bodies and lives all over the world thanks to Kayla’s workouts. I love her positive vibes so I was dying to try the plan. I followed the BBG plan (loosely) for 12 weeks so if you are looking to make the purchase, here is the inside track on whether it is worth it or not.

BBG-guide-kayla-itsines(#nofilter after 12 weeks of #BBG & a vacation)

Workout Plan: BBG is a 12 week program that mixes resistance training with low cardio (walking) and stretching. You are supposed to perform one of the tasks every day leaving one rest day a week. Once you get to week 9 – 12 you add HIIT cardio workouts along with the other workouts. The thing I loved best about the workouts is they are only 28 minutes long and you can do them all at home. You will need dumbbells and preferably a step or box; I was ghetto and just used a dining chair or a physical step. There are also many workouts where you need a jump rope, but I just mimicked jumping rope, did jumping jacks, etc. (All about the bare minimum over here.) I did the 3 resistance workouts every week for the 12 weeks and the days between I would either go on a walk, do yoga or do nothing because I am lazy.

I replaced my weekly bootcamp classes with the BBG workouts 3 times a week and I would say that it kept me in the same shape as my classes. The workouts are intense and not for beginners – Kayla recommends walking for a few weeks before starting the program for those who don’t work out hard to begin with. Of course I just jumped right in! They get harder as the weeks progress and you build up to a higher stamina by the end of the 12 weeks.

Eating Plan: 
The eating plan is not strict in the sense that you are eating raw or vegan, etc. Kayla eats bread (mainly rye), meat and dairy, but does not drink alcohol (not that you can’t drink but she recommends not drinking). For breakfast you can have things like: omelets, oatmeal, acai bowls, etc. For dinner you can have a lean protein and a veggie. Snacks are hummus and veggies. I loosely followed the BBG diet recommendations and stuck to my normal lean and clean lifestyle. In general I think her eating plan is healthier for most, but it still has dairy and wheat which I try not to eat every day so I stuck to my normal clean eating habits.

I believe that swapping the BBG plan for my normal HIIT bootcamp workouts was just as effective and I didn’t have to go to the gym which saved me time and money! The eating plan is great for beginners who are looking for healthier eating options, but it is not as strict as I prefer to eat. As in everything I believe you can modify the plans to best fit your needs. I don’t know if I could continue the BBG Guide another straight 12 weeks (as many of the BBG girls do) but I would substitute the resistance workouts in my weekly routine when I don’t go to class. If you are looking to lose weight, amp up your workout plan or just get more toned, than the BBG guide will help you achieve all those things. xx, Beth


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