How to Have a Plant Based Vegan Thanksgiving.

One of the hardest parts of eating plant based vegan is being around the traditional holiday foods you are programmed to eat since childhood. Sometimes for beginners it is easier to just join in than have to listen to your Aunt preach about protein, but the truth is you CAN enjoy Thanksgiving without eating meat and you don’t even have to change your family’s traditional dishes to do so. Just enjoy larger portions of the “sides”, add loads of greensย to your plate and stay clear of the turkey. And try not to preach – it never bodes well at the holidays (I know from experience).

Farm Sanctuary sent out this awesome Meat Free Thanksgiving guide with tips, tricks and recipes to get you through your Thanksgiving guilt free so I just had to share. Oh, and you can also Adopt a Turkey from Farm Sanctuary this year, so to make up for that turkey your fam bought why not save one’s life? Creative and cruelty free – love it. Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving! xx, Beth

plant based vegan thanksgiving tips hautehealthy
Download the Farm Sanctuary Meat Free Thanksgiving Guide


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