Beauty on a Serious Budget.

Ok so time for some serious budget beauty I use on the daily…

I heard about this from the lovely
LoveChugs blog (she’s amazing). Ok, so brush your teeth as normal. After, sprinkle baking soda on your toothbrush and brush some more (I focus on my front teeth since they seem to get stained the fastest from coffee & tea). Then swish hydrogen peroxide around on your teeth and spit out. Bam. Instantly whiter teeth for next to nothing.

Cornstarch is my FAVORITE dry shampoo for greasy roots on blonde hair. I have tried everyyyy dry shampoo and I can’t live without this. I heard if you are brunette you can just add cocoa powder to it and it works, so let me know if this is true. See below for my cornstarched hair:

beth hannum thebudgetista
I think we are all sick of hearing about this, but it is as amazing as you hear. Coconut oil costs like $6 and can replace your: makeup remover, lotion, shaving cream, hair oil and face moisturizer/eye cream, as well as your cooking oil all in one. I heard that it is also great to add into your tub when soaking and makes your skin super silky when you get out. Will have to try this when I have an actual tub.

Mix some sugar in your hands with coconut oil and create your very own exfoliant. This works great on your lips or your whole body! Just don’t leave the sugar in your bathroom, it attracts ants as I have learned.

Do you have any other budget beauty tips & tricks to share? Comment below and let me know. xx, beth


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