Tips to Save Money in 2016.

Hope you had a very happy New Year’s Eve! I opted for a different route this year and stayed in with my hubs who is working 3 12-hr shifts in a row and picked up overtime to make us more money. I made an all plant-based dinner (first time making sprouts myself!) and we did a fun writing activity where you list your faves of 2015 and what your hopes for 2016 are including travel spots you want to visit, books you want to read, habits you want to break/learn, etc.

While we did the writing exercise, one of the biggest 2016 goals we kept mentioning was paying down debt, saving more and increasing our incomes. Obviously with paying to have a house built our finances are suffering this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t still take steps to thrive while we build. Here are my top tips & tricks to save money in 2016:

2016 Tips to Save Money

Replace online shopping with Money Mapping.
Learnvest is a great online tool that allows you to hook up all your accounts in one place to monitor your finances, show you where your money is going and help create savings goals. My bank also provides this tool and it is amazing to see how much you spend on groceries, eating out and shopping some months! If you are an OCD dork like me who loves spreadsheets you will adore Money Mapping each month and I believe it is the first step you should take to start saving more money in 2016. 

Remove yourself from all of the companies flooding your inboxes with sales and codes every hour. The less you see it the less you will want what they are selling. I also encourage not following or looking at social media users or bloggers who have expensive taste because you find yourself longing after their $2,000 Celine bag and that’s no fun when you have bills to pay, which brings me to my next point…

Get in the #MoneyMindset
Surround yourself with like-minded budgeters, I like Blonde on a Budget
Sign up for Learnvest’s Enewsletter and read their money articles
Suze Orman & Dave Ramsey also have websites with great savings content & tools

Use Reward Points. My Wells Fargo account accrues points you can cash in for gift cards and sometimes I use them to send myself Starbucks gift cards so when I treat myself to a latte I look at it as something I earned. Don’t forget to take advantage of Airline points /miles to book travel if you have weddings you are obligated to attend!

Pick Up Extra Work. Reach out to prospects and/or scour Indeed (which feeds LinkedIn Jobs) for freelance work or do like my hubs and pick up some overtime shifts if that is an option for you. I know people who do Uber driving on the side, house-sit or dog walk to earn some extra cash when needed. If you are in the business of creating, why not sell your goods on Etsy or at a show? Be open to possibilities you hadn’t thought of to earn some extra cash.

Shopping Ban. One of the quickest ways to save as much money as possible is to put yourself on a shopping ban and only allow yourself to purchase necessities like groceries, gas, etc. You will be SHOCKED to see how much money you can save when you cut out clothes, pedicures, etc.

These are my top tips for saving money this year, what are yours? Share below in the comments. xx, Beth


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