Let’s Get Frugal in February.

With February being a short month I thought it would be fun to talk about how we can be extra frugal this month since there are only three full weeks left in the month. This would be a good test month to try to save as much money as possible by not spending very much. Here are my top tips and tricks to help us save this February:

saving money tips thebudgetista

Meal Prep. They always say “Fail to plan, plan to fail” and it couldn’t be more true. We always spend more money making multiple trips to the store for groceries vs. planning our meals for the week and prepping our food on Sundays. You can even prep your coffee so you don’t feel you are missing out from your Starbucks run you won’t be making this month. Sometimes it is as simple as the act of having coffee in your car while you are driving that you crave so why not set yourself up for it at home? Also, make the crockpot your friend and plan meals you can get more than one dinner from or make soups that you can bring every day to work.

Don’t Eat Out. If you have meal prepped you won’t need to really eat out at all so you will save a ton of money here. See if you can go three weeks without going out for dinner, eating out for lunch or grabbing cocktails. Just removing these items in three weeks will save you hundreds of dollars in February. Obviously you still want to have a social life, but invite the girls over for wine and The Bachelor instead of paying $10 per drink at a bar or have a potluck dinner with your friends where you can all leave with leftovers.

Get Creative on Valentine’s Day. Ah, the Hallmark holiday as my husband likes to call it. I love love so I can’t get enough of Vday, but there is no need to spend a ton of money on one day that isn’t even your anniversary. Create your Vday card (Pinterest has a million DIY ideas) and come up with a date idea that isn’t your standard overpriced fancy dinner. Make a picnic under the stars, walk on the beach, cozy up by the fireplace together, have a romantic movie marathon – just STAY IN and you will save. If you typically give gifts think of ideas that are more thoughtful and less expensive like love coupons. One year I made my hubby an Infographic with all of our relationship facts and he loved it (see below). You could even make this their card. Check out Easel.ly to make your own.

dating infographic

How do you plan to get frugal in February? Share in the comments with me. xx, Beth


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