Bridal Beauty on a Budget.

It’s Friday which means another wedding this weekend for me. We have four in the matter of three months and one is in the Bahamas, so you can imagine how our budget is feeling lately. This weekend I am in the actual bridal party so I think you can all feel me on the added expense of supporting your nearest & dearest. So how did I budgetista this wedding? Well, I used my MIL’s seamstress to take in and hem my dress which only cost me $25 vs $100. I also do my own spray tan, makeup and hair to save a ton of money and have it down to a science now – I even did it myself for my own elopement (see pic below). So here are all my DIY bridal tips & tricks, whether you are just supporting the bride or you are the bride (congrats!).

blonde wedding hair braid

The night before any event I am attending I use Fake Bake’s Flawless tanner and spray it on my body in the shower to catch all the overspray. Whatever is left on the mit at the end I use on my face. I sleep in a black tshirt and yoga pants so I don’t transfer onto the sheets and then I shower in the morning to rinse off the bronzer. Sometimes I leave it on dependent on the event and what I am wearing like if I am in a bikini I want to look as tan as possible. You can even put on this tanner right before an event (if you aren’t wearing white), let it dry for a few minutes and then get dressed – the bronzer shows up right away.

For a few nights leading up to the event I add Baking Soda to my toothbrush after I have brushed my teeth and brush them again to naturally whiten and remove surface stains. You can also swish Hydrogen Peroxide around your teeth afterwards to boost whiteness. I also do this routine the day of the event to ensure my smile is looking extra white. You don’t want to do this every single day as I have read it can be bad on your enamel, so I only do it right before an event where I know there will be a lot of pictures.

For most events I follow this makeup tutorial from Chloe Morello on Youtube. If the event is in the day I use browns instead of black to lighten up the look on the eyes but I think the general tips from the video can be applied for any event makeup. Instead of having a makeup artist do my eyes, I buy Ardell lashes at CVS, which really make your eyes pop in photos and only cost $4. I put on my lashes first because I am not very good at them so I don’t want to mess up my eye makeup after the fact. To make your eyes look extra clear and white, add in some eye drops before you do your eye makeup.

For hair I follow this hair tutorial from my fave girl Jessie James Decker to curl my hair and I think I am going to add in a braid in the morning of the wedding (like the pic below) to make my look ethereal to go with our dresses which are a light blue chiffon. I like to do my hair the night before and go to sleep in it so it looks tousled & beachy in the morning, not Shirley Temple-ish. I use a 1.5″ curling iron and a teasing comb to add volume, plus a light mist of flexible hold hairspray.


What DIY tricks do you use for an event? Share with me in the comments below. xx, Beth


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