Fixer Upper Friday.

I am going to start these Fixer Upper Friday posts for updates on the house now that we actually have updates to give. February has been a great month as our house has finally been progressing. The concrete “header” in the kitchen was poured, which we have been waiting on for many months, as well as concrete posts in two doorways and infill in two windows as requested by the Engineer. The concrete was among the last of the structural items that had to be completed before we can close up the house so this is a HUGE step for us. After a few weeks the wood beams you see will all be removed and access to the kitchen from the living room will be open so you can really envision the space we have to work with.

203k-loan-home-renovation-fixer-upper -thebudgetista
{Looking at the kitchen from the living room / doorway to right enters addition}

The most recent nightmare is that the original electrician on the job wasn’t up to snuff legally and led us on this whole time to believe he was. When he gave us his paperwork this week things didn’t add up so now we have to find a new electrician who will probably cost us more money, but will do everything correctly, so I guess it will be worth it? I read this funny quote on Pinterest that speaks directly to my English-major heart. I’ve been saying it a lot.


The rough in by the plumber is done as of today! It took them about a week to complete, they were very professional, fast and great communicators. If you are in South Florida reach out to Nate’s Plumbing. Make sure when you order all your plumbing fixtures they come with their “rough-ins” or if they don’t, you will need to order them separately. I forgot one of them and had to overnight it so I didn’t hold them up. Once the rough in is all done, the inspector comes out and approves it or has them make changes if needed.

Did you know you can get almost anything created in concrete? We have a concrete guy who is making our bathroom vanities and will be polishing our concrete floors in our addition. We are also thinking of having him do our driveway but we have time on that. Originally we wanted all polished concrete floors but the original house footprint is lifted on wood so it couldn’t work for the whole house but the floors will be polished concrete in the addition. Here is what we are going for in the master bathroom using an “in-line” sink so the sink is built within the concrete. We are also going to have a custom mirror like you see in the pic so we don’t need a backsplash.

fixer-upper-master-vanity-concrete copy

Below is the vanity we plan on doing in the guest bathroom. We have a white vessel sink that will go on-top of the concrete sink and later we will add a lower shelf in wood to house towels on like in the pic.
concrete vanity with vessel sink guest bathroom

Also, can we just talk about Wayfair for a moment, they really have the best prices around and offer free shipping for orders over $50. We have been searching for outdoor lighting that will match our home aesthetic (contemporary/modern/splash of tropical asian) and most of the lights we liked were hundreds of dollars for just one light. Yesterday I came across the perfect light and they were on sale for $37 each. This is INSANEEEE and we saved $300 on our order. I am not being paid to say this, I just love Wayfair so make sure you check them out! xx, Beth

poseidon 1 light sconce wayfair


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