Fixer Upper Friday / 2.26.16.

What a wonderful Friday. My mom had an important heart appointment today with a specialist that went well so I am feeling joyful today. I have been praying really hard on this so I feel such gratitude that our prayers were answered. There really is nothing more valuable than family and their health. Ah, things I wish I understood when I was 14, haha.

So the good news on the home front is our plumbing inspection passed. The window inspection passed today as well, which means…stucco work starts tomorrow! I feel like throwing my hands up and doing the Footloose dance (speaking of, the remake is so good. I adore Julianne Hough so much), we have been waiting for this for so long now. They are going to throw up a few stucco options for us to see so we can chose the finish we want. We can’t have perfectly flat stucco because our house has old stucco on some parts, wood on others and then new concrete block with no stucco so to make it all work as one cohesive job we need texture on the house. As long as it doesn’t end up looking like Spanish revival.

// first pair of shoes in my future closet //

Only one electrician has come through with paperwork and a general hourly price so I have no other quotes to compare to. I don’t want to be forced into choosing but when one turns out to be shady and the other can’t even email you a quote in over a week, you tend to lean towards the one with his shit together. He is also my husband’s favorite and came highly recommended so maybe it is meant to be?! I have learned through this process that nothing can be easy. Once we get electric sorted and completed with approval we can close up the walls which means DRYWALL! Then I may do the Footloose dance in my yard for real and post a video of it.

Our outdoor lights arrived last night from and they are amazing. Very heavy-duty, a good size and just as described. I cannot believe how much money we saved on them ($300 worth of savings). Have I shared how much I love Wayfair? Get on it. Have a great weekend! xx, B


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