Fixer Upper Friday // 3.11.16

Happy Friday! Last night we celebrated our four year dating anniversary at the restaurant we had our first date, which was super casual at a local Burger Joint (I got a quinoa burger on lettuce wrap). We go back every year on our anniversary as it brings back nice memories of falling in love and helps us put life in perspective. Obviously, all we did was talk about our house as it has become our lives. So, here is the latest and greatest on Casa de Coe.

The stucco prep work has been completed and passed inspection. They put this metal stuff called lathing on any area with wood on it and these plastic things around windows and doors to help the stucco adhere to the house. Learning so much. Here are pics of the stucco prep work:

We got a new electrician on board, they basically came in and ripped out all of the previous work in one day and are rewiring the entire house. It is so nice to go by and see 4 men working away on your house and getting shit done. It hurts that we already paid for work that wasn’t done properly but in the scheme of things it wasn’t that much money so we have to suck it up. They finish their electrical rough in tomorrow and then will have an inspection on it. Once they are done, stucco can be put on the outside of the house. Some of our framing work was not finished or was done incorrectly as well (kill me) so now we have to pay to have that redone starting Monday (additional $2,500). After the framing is redone I think you have to call an inspection on it (basically everything has to be inspected in a new build) and then we can have…drumroll…DRYWALL! This month is going to be huge for us.

In the meantime, we are trying to plan out our master closet (post to come later on this) and are picking out our concrete. We are staining our concrete floors in the addition only and building two bathroom vanity sinks from concrete so we get to pick the colors, size and everything. Here is our inspo pic for the colors of our floors that we want to achieve:


Here are the first tests of concrete stain on our existing floors:

Once the concrete stain dried overnight it lightened to a lighter gray but because our concrete slab is not smooth and perfect he would have to grind down the floors and then you would see a lot of texture so they wouldn’t be smooth like in our inspo pic. The solution? Add a microtopping film to the top of the entire floor and then stain it the color you want. He will be providing a sample to us before we move forward and he comes in to do the floors after drywall is placed on.

In the right image you can see the samples he did for the concrete vanities, they have so many colors to choose from and he can lighten and darken them to what you want. We are having him lighten the furthest one away a little bit and showing us an ultra white sample. Hopefully we will be able to choose from those samples so we can get these sinks created, they take about 7 – 10 business days to make dependent on how busy he is and the weather (if it is too cool out the concrete doesn’t dry as quickly). When we first bought our house we really wanted the whole house to be concrete floors but couldn’t because the existing structure is lifted on beams, so I am excited that we are getting to partially achieve our dream and have our sinks made for us instead of having to buy the standard wood vanities or ordering from Ikea for about the same cost or less. If you are looking to have something custom built on a budget I highly recommend concrete.

As far as progress the past two weeks has been big for us and the next few weeks should bring stucco, paint and drywall so then we can celebrate. Have a great weekend! xx, B


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