Fixer Upper Friday // 3.18.16

Happy Friday y’all! This week I have been listening to a lot of Food Heals podcast and it is so inspiring and educational. These two blondes discuss and interview others on how to use nutrition and alternative medicine to heal chronic, degenerative and terminal disease without drugs, surgery, or chemotherapy. I am hooked and highly recommend checking their podcast out on iTunes. I also finished reading Gene Baur’s Living the Farm Sanctuary Life book this week (review to come) which is also incredibly inspiring and now I really want a little farm of my own one day. My husband and I always lovingly argue about owning a pig because I desperately want one and he says they don’t stay small, root in your yard, are noisy and dirty, but I feel confident I will wear him down one day.

// We made this Curry Bowl from the recipe section of Living the Farm Sanctuary Life //


Ok, so the latest on the house is that our entire house had to be reframed ($$$) and that is completed as of today. Monday begins the electrical rough-in which takes a few days and then inspection is called (and hopefully passes) by the end of next week. Once this passes we can finallyyyyyyy do stucco and drywall. I am praying by the end of the month we have drywall and stucco which means beginning of April we will have paint. This week I was feeling a little discouraged with the house because it’s hard to feel excited when you aren’t seeing big progress with your eyes, even thought the framing is progress, but framing is just wood strips on a wall so it isn’t exactly something you party about. Once we have walls we shall party.

// My hubby grabbed a coconut off a tree, opened it with a machete and brought me a straw to the house site #truelove //

// They removed the wood holding up the concrete beam so you can envision the space more  //

In this picture you are standing in the living room and looking into the kitchen. We are going to do an all white kitchen and white walls in the entire house to make it appear larger than it is. This week we were also debating on our flooring tile but decided to stay with the one we wanted originally (left tile), which also happens to be the cheapest (Floor & Decor, whatwhat). I think the tile on the right looks more “woody” which isn’t the look we are going for.


This week I also found a holistic doctor recommended to me by a friend and I made an appointment for April so I am really excited about that. I really want to have my levels of vitamins and toxins measured and evaluated by a doctor who believes the same things I do and doesn’t try to push medicine on me, especially since I am not feeling any health issues whatsoever. I just want to go for piece of mind and to ensure I am at my healthiest I can be. I will be sure to blog all about it! Have a great weekend. xx, Beth


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