Fixer Upper Friday // 3.25.16

So, this week was amazing. Because I found a pig. On the side of the road. I can’t even tell you how many times my husband and I have joked around about this very thing and I always say that if I just happen to see a pig on the side of the road I am rescuing it, not thinking it would every happen to me. So you can imagine how I felt driving to work (listening to my favorite podcast ever – Food Heals) on a busy street through a rough neighborhood, come to stop at a red light, and when I look over and there is a little pink pig just chilling eating grass. I freaked. Then I called my husband to tell him and promptly hung up on him to get out of the car to take care of the pig. See, dreams really do come true.


I made sure the pig got across the busy street safely then tried to keep him from crossing again while trying to Google the right people to come rescue him on my phone. The pig was interested in being around this dog being walked so I tried to keep him around so the pig wouldn’t bolt off. That day restored some of my faith in humanity as the man walking the dog showed such kindness to the pig, helping us find some rope and making him a little leash, feeding him rice & beans and then waiting with him in his yard until the rescue shelter came to pick him up. The rescue team took an hour so I had to leave for work but the man called me along the way to let me know the pig was eating and then that he had been rescued. I called the shelter to ensure he was ok and they said that he is about six months old and will be put up for adoption. I also contacted a Farm Sanctuary in Florida to let them know in case they were interested. If you’re interested contact me and I can send you the information on how to adopt the pig.

Ok, so house stuff now. Electric rough in took about 2 -3 days and was completed yesterday so hopefully we have an inspection Monday morning and then they can do Stucco before we die of impatience. After stucco comes the coveted drywall. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Here are some pics showing the house cleaned up so you can envision the living room and kitchen area together. Last night we planned out our kitchen in the open space to ensure everything matches our Ikea kitchen layout plan and we have a lot more space than we thought we would so that was exciting.


// View from the living room outside and into the kitchen //


// View from the kitchen to the living room. That room to the left is a guest room //

This week I have been listening to a ton of Food Heals podcasts on my way to work every morning. If you haven’t listened to these chicks, start now. This podcast will change your life. Here are some other snaps of life lately with our fixer upper.


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