Fixer Upper Monday // 4.4.16

So this Friday I didn’t have much of anything to share on the house because we are being held up waiting for the AC guy to finish his rough in and get an inspection (fingers crossed for today). On Tuesday of last week, the electrical passed and later in the week the framing and lathe for stucco all passed as well. This means everything is passed so they can close up the house. Yay. As soon as AC rough passes we can do stucco, insulation and drywall. That day can’t come soon enough. I feel like I have been writing the same thing for three weeks now, so I don’t mean to bore you. Patience truly is a virtue and mine is wearing thin. Here is how I deal.


Podcasts – I have been listening to an episode of Food Heals every morning, which takes my mind off the house and focuses on my health. They provide so many resources and items for me to look into on my off time while motivating me along my plant-based journey. I will also listen to creativity podcasts or sermons if I feel that I am needing something different in my day.

Journaling – My best friend sent me a daily devotional that I read from each night. It really helps me put life in perspective and allows me to write down my stresses from the day and give them up to God. If you aren’t religious, I recommend doing this in a blank journal and just writing down your worries and then a list of what you are grateful for.

Quality time with loved ones – When your life feels at a standstill, spend time with others. It will take your mind off your worries and nothing helps more than laughter so get out there instead of laying around thinking about your problems. I also think it is important to help others so whether it is visiting your grandparents or making dinner with your mom, it is these moments that matter and will help get you through anything.

Fitness – Working out is proven to decrease depression. It always makes me feel better, even if I just take a walk or do some light yoga at home. I recently joined a local yoga class – Yoga Journey – near my work and will be attending once a week on my lunch break as something new to center my mind and break up the week a little bit. After an hour of yoga I can barely recall my name much less my house issues.

Food – One of the hardest parts of eating healthy is the preparation that goes into it, especially planning for the work week. But when you have time on your hands and don’t want to think about shit, taking time to prepare your food can be very meditative. On Sundays we shop and prepare food for the week and on some nights I try a new plant-based recipe. Did you see the Vegan Lasagna and the Artichoke & Spinach Dip I made last week?

These five things have helped me survive the past year living through this building nightmare so I hope they help you too, whatever your struggle may be. Hopefully this Friday I have something exciting and new to share on the house! xx, Beth


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