Tips for Toned Abs.

Gone are the days of thinking that hundreds of crunches will get you flat abs, now you can get them with simple HIIT moves a few times a week plus lots of clean eating. I read an interview with Kate Hudson recently that said she only works out for like 20 mins a few times a week and I wouldn’t have believed her if I wasn’t doing the same thing plus eating clean. Even though it has become a cliche statement on Pinterest, when they say “abs are made in the kitchen” they aren’t lying. Before I really jumped into eating clean I always had a flat stomach, but I wouldn’t describe it as toned or defined. Now that I have embraced a clean, plant-based lifestyle my abs finally have definition and I believe it is due to the lifestyle I have come to know as normal, which is: Clean Eating + HIIT Workouts 3 times a week. I do not work out every day, I do not do crunches every day; there are weekends I don’t work out at all – because I already did my HIIT workouts for the week and am eating so clean I don’t have to. Once I realized that you don’t need to be in the gym every night of the week it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. HIIT workouts are so intense and such short spurts of energy that you burn so much more than becoming a local gym rat and you have time for other things, like living. Get more information on HIIT and find out my other tips for toned abs below.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): Intense Bouts of Activity followed by less intense activity or rest. I don’t like going to the gym or spending money on it, so I do all my workouts at home on my floor. Currently, I am alternating between Alexa Jean’s Sore to the Core and Tone It Up HIIT Workouts (either from their video or on their Youtube channel). They have lots of free HIIT workouts on Youtube and I will do them a few times a week. They work out every part of your body and then I do the Sore to Core Ab workouts 3 – 4 times a week, which mainly focus on your abs but also hit other parts of the body. On my off days I do yoga or go for a walk, or nothing.


Clean, Plant-based Eating
To get toned abs it is so important that you eat clean, non-processed foods. Put crap in, get crap out. When I used to eat whatever I wanted and binge-drank frequently I was still thin (skinny fat), but I lacked energy, couldn’t sleep, had a lower immune system and was missing that glow I longed for. Since I have transitioned into a clean and lean lifestyle all of these issues have changed. I don’t eat clean to be skinny, I eat clean to feel my best. It just so helps that it also makes you look your best too. It depends where you are on your journey, but all it takes are some minor tweaks to change to a more clean and lean lifestyle. I am not saying you are going to become plant-based overnight, but some ways you can make steps in the right direction are by: practicing more meatless Mondays, adding greens to your diet every day and stop buying processed frozen and packaged foods. I promise you can change your taste buds and ultimately change your life by adopting a clean eating lifestyle. Not to mention, when you eat clean your abs will seriously thank you for it. If you need help with what to eat, read this post on Plant Based Eating Ideas & Inspo.


Somewhere along the line water got a bad rap and people believe it bloats them. Not true. The more water you drink, the more you pee which releases toxins from your body and then the more your abs can show through. Drinking a ton of water also promotes clear skin, less headaches and better digestion. Try to drink half your body weight in water a day – this is so important. Replace your crappy drinks with water and I promise you will start to not only look better, but feel better. If your juice isn’t fresh-squeezed, don’t drink it and don’t even get me started on sodas and energy drinks. I see so many women at my gym drinking energy drinks during their  workouts and it’s just adding sugar to your system, which will only slow you down and make you fat. I try my hardest not to go over and preach. When I know I am going to be in my bikini or have an event I need to look my best for I make sure to drink a ton of warm lemon water to flush out the toxins and bloat.

I hope these tips for toned abs help you. If you have more questions, feel free to email me and ask me anything! xx, Beth


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