Plantbased Food Diary.


This is just a snapshot of what I may eat in a day but I want to give a disclaimer and share that this doesn’t include every single item I eat. This is just to inspire some plant based ideas for main meals. In between my meals you can find me eating unlimited bananas, apples or juices/smoothies. I don’t count calories and believe in eating as much whole plant based foods as possible until you are full.

Breakfast // I alternate between oatmeal with fruit or smoothie bowls, mainly on the weekend when I have more time to make them. To make a smoothie bowl – I blend 1/2 bag of frozen fruit from TJs with 1 banana and some water. If it is too runny Ill pop it into the freezer for a few minutes. Top with uncooked oats, 1 banana cut into slices and honey.

Snacks // I eat an apple almost everyday and this day I also ate carrot sticks with fresh guacamole. I ate many more carrot sticks on their own than what is shown here, this is just a picture to show an idea for a snack.

Lunch // I buy mixed greens bags at the grocery store which usually last me 2 -3 lunches for work. I top them with either falafel balls from TJs, veggies patties or this day I only had 1 avocado and 1 tomato to add. I only used fresh lemon, salt and pepper as my dressing.

Dinner // My husband made tofu with coconut oil in the wok and steamed broccoli in our steamer. You can eat unlimited of this as well, I do not believe in portion control when you are eating whole plantbased foods.

We eat pretty late because my husband is a nurse and doesn’t get home until almost 8pm. On those nights I do the cooking and don’t typically eat anything else after dinner. If I am really craving something sweet after dinner I might slice up a banana and put almond/peanut butter on top with coconut flakes. I was drinking tea late night but was having a hard time falling asleep so I cut that out. So here is an example of a day eating plant based while at work, it is not complicated or expensive, you just need to be prepared for the week so try to do your shopping on Sundays. We have been getting everything we need for 3 – 4 days and then on the 5th day my husband will stock up again to get us to Sunday, then we do the same thing all over again. This seems to be working for us because its hard to know what you may feel like eating in 6 days but its easy to plan out just 3 days. Let me know any questions you may have! xx, Beth


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