Fixer Upper Friday // 4.15.16

This week was frustrating for us but has a happy ending. Our stucco guy didnt show up for 4 days and miraculously decided to appear on Thursday morning. We were in a panic this week trying to find a new stucco guy if necessary, but our prayers were answered and he showed up. I haven’t been able to sleep this week at all, I guess with so much on our minds and hoping things come together. At least we are in the stage of normal issues other people building houses face like subs not showing up. To me this means we are through the worst of it. So stucco will take about 4 days and they work over the weekend, but it may rain so we shall see when it gets completed. Stucco does not affect other work which is good. Read on for more progress and pics.

// Day 1 of Stucco //



Meanwhile the AC guy finished up some final vents, insulation is being installed today and then an inspection will be called to approve the insulation and the vents and we are ready to rock. And by rock I mean drywall! Next week we will also have a new garage door installed (flat panel white like in the picture below) and my husband is putting up our fence as well. I am so relieved to have some serious progress, it will be exciting to see stucco done and walls. I always am told once you have drywall things go pretty quickly so I am trying to ensure I have everything ready to go as far as fixtures, tile, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 4.59.05 PM

// Flat panel white garage door //


// Fence posts in and ready for panels to be attached today //

People ask me all the time how we have gotten through this and I have done some posts on this prior, but I have to say that for me, working out and listening to podcasts (shout out to Food Heals) has really helped me through this process. Immersing yourself in other activities helps so blogging, reading/writing, working out at the end of each day and listening to podcasts in the car puts me in another mindset where I am not thinking constantly about the house. You also have to think about the things you are grateful for, even if you have to list them in your head each day, so as not to focus on the negative when everything seems to be going wrong and you have no money because it is all allocated to your house. Also, think about worst case scenario – you walk away from it, get foreclosed on, declare bankruptcy. These are all serious things yes and I am not encouraging them, but if you set yourself up for worst case and know YOU will still be ok it helps to get through the tough times. I hope my words are helping someone else who may be going through this. I don’t wish this situation on my worst enemy. Ok, maybe on my old GC, haha. Also – don’t forget to laugh. Have a great weekend! xx, Beth


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