Fixer Upper Friday // 4.22.16

Happy Earth Day to you all. If you are interested in helping the planet and are not yet vegetarian or vegan, I encourage you to try out meatless Mondays. Some facts: Two acres of rainforest are cleared each minute to raise cattle or crops to feed the cattle, and 35,000 miles of American rivers are polluted with animal waste. If we simply stop needing so many animal products it will lessen this impact on the planet significantly. If you don’t do it for animal cruelty or your health (which is a whole other topic), think about doing it for the planet and your future offspring. Some food for thought.

Last weekend my husband finished up our new fence and it came out amazing. It adds so much privacy to our house as we are on a very busy street and shields our plants in the yard. I cannot wait to paint it gray – you have to wait two weeks for paint so I’ll post more pics once it is done. Our house has a paved back alley called “Artist’s Alley” where the community hangs up artwork, so he did a little cut in off the alley for a car to park in the back with room for a gate so we or guests can enter the house that way as well.


 // Fencing along our back alleyway //

We also now finally have insulation in the entire house, which was inspected and passed on Tuesday. This means they can now do drywall. Sexy pictures of insulation are below:

For the past week we have been dealing with stucco issues; different guys worked on one side of the house and did a different texture than the other guys on the other side of the house, so they had to go back over half the house again to match the textures. It took them much longer to finish and was mildly frustrating but doesn’t really affect anything else with the house so overall not a huge deal. Here is the front of the house with stucco and the fence completed. We are going to put up a horizontal gate from the fence to the house with a gate on both sides of the house. It is finally looking like an actual home someone could live in and now other people are able to envision what it will become, which is nice for others to finally see our vision. We are going to paint the house a very bright, modern white color. I am currently debating between four different Benjamin Moore white colors so more to come on that.


FPL came by yesterday and set up our new connection to the addition part of the house on the back. This allowed the electrician to come out and remove all the old panel junk and wires from the existing structure so the wires don’t hang over the middle of our yard anymore where we plan on putting in a pool eventually. We want to bury the wires eventually but right now we can’t spend $1k on burying them since we need important things like a drivewayyyy.

The garage door, interior doors and trim was all ordered. Drywall materials deliver on Monday and drywall begins on Tuesday! We are soooo excited I can’t put it into words. I might not be able to sleep at all next week. Since drywall is looming that means tile will be after drywall so this week I made sure to check that our tile that wasn’t in stock was ordered (takes 7 – 10 days) and I called on the ones in stock too just to make sure they have a ton of it and won’t magically run out the day we need it. I also made sure we have every lighting fixture and plumbing fixture so I don’t hold anything up when it is time to complete everything. was amazing for these items and everything delivered in two days so I highly recommend them. Next on my list is picking out paint colors. We have two weddings coming up, one this weekend and one next weekend in the Bahamas so we have a lot going on right now but it is all exciting stuff and having the house moving is just the light at the end of the tunnel we have been needing. Hope you all have a great weekend. xx, Beth


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