Fixer Upper Monday // 5.9.16

Another dreaded Monday, except…we have drywallllll (in my Oprah voice). Let me tell you – coming home to drywall after a long trip is the most amazing experience ever. We wanted to pop some champs and celebrate but we were too tired to party, so we just hugged instead and walked around in awe. Instead of having to watch it inch along, seeing it all done at once is so exciting as we now can really visualize the space. I thought drywall might make the house seem smaller but it didn’t at all.

// Click on the images below to view them larger //

The finishing work on the drywall (filling in seams, sanding) takes a few days and will be done tomorrow. Once that is completed, tile can go in as well as our custom concrete sinks that get hung onto the drywall. This week they will be also be painting the exterior of the house so we put up some paint colors yesterday. We are going for a more contemporary/modern feeling so both the outside and inside will be white, but we want ultra white on the exterior and a softer white for the interior. Here are the three Benjamin Moore whites we have been debating for the outside:


{ L to R: Decorator’s White | Simply White | Super White }

Decorator’s White and Super White seem to the be the whitest shades, whereas Simply White is more creamy and I think may work better inside so the house doesn’t seem too cold and stark like a Nordic igloo. I would be happy with either DW or Super White on the outside so I will have them match one of those colors. FYI: paint companies can match any brand & color that you like, you don’t have to buy that exact paint brand for your house. Our garage door is on backorder but it will be ultra white as well so hopefully the paint color and the door go together. Now that drywall is coming to completion Tile will begin and I cannot wait to show you those pictures!

It is so nice to finally be at the end of this very long home renovation project and seeing major transformations happening. You know I love me some Fixer Upper, but sometimes HGTV pisses me off. How they get an entire house done in a month is beyond me, but I’ll always love Chip & Joanna. Maybe our next house will be quicker! I kid. We’re living here forever. xx, Beth


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