Fixer Upper Monday // 5.16.16

Hope ya’ll had a good weekend! Our Ikea kitchen was delivered before it was supposed to be so we had to rush over to the house to check all the boxes as you only have 48 hours to check that each box is accounted for. If you’re missing anything you can call the 1-800 number and they will ship you the missing pieces. If you fail to call within the 48 hours you have to go back to the Ikea store you ordered from to get your missing pieces. Luckily for us all pieces were accounted for and nobody stole anything as the third party delivery company left the kitchen in our open house with only the drywall guy present. Our kitchen install date is set for next week!

Once drywall finished last week my husband spent the entire day Friday shop-vacuuming the wood floors to prep them for tile as they need to be pretty clean. The drywall guys clean off the walls but most of the drywall dust falls on the floor. Typically the tile laborers would clean this up but we are trying to save money so we did this part on our own. Most of the existing structure of the home are wood floors lifted on joists and the addition is on concrete. This means that to lay tile on wood you have to add a layer to level the floors before putting down tile, which means more time and money. So we opted to do this part ourselves to save some cash. On Saturday morning hubs went with his good friend who owns a tile company (thank god) to buy the materials needed to make the wood floors level. We spent about 5 hours cutting the material, laying down mud and the material to prep the wood floors to have tile put down on them. This saved us around $1,000+ in labor, but damn was it a workout. I have so much respect for trades and laborers, especially when working in Florida in May with no AC. Here are pics of our beautiful tile prep work:

Now these floors are ready for the usual mud and tile to be laid down on it so I have to get on having the tile delivered to our house this week so they can begin. To measure how much tile you need, measure each room L x W and then type in your measurements using a Tile Calculator like this one. This will also remind you to add 10% to your tile order in case your tile breaks, etc. For our marble tile we added 15% to the order to be safe as it breaks easier. We are buying our flooring tile from our local Floor & Decor where you can place your order online and pick it up the same day (if it is in stock). They also work with a third party delivery service to drop off the tile at your house so I need to call them to get a quote. Below is our guest bathroom inspo pic and the two tiles we are ordering from Floor & Decor: Stela Ivory Tile and Terra Nuova Brushed Marble. The Stela Ivory will be our flooring for all of the existing house that we just laid down the leveling for and the Terra Nuova Brushed is going to be in our guest bathroom on the floor and all 3 walls of the shower, similar to this inspo pic as we are going for a Bali Villa spa-like feeling.


// Guest BR Inspo //

Our concrete guy also came out on Saturday as he will be starting this week too polishing the concrete floors in the addition and then installing our custom bathroom vanities. Here are some pics of the addition which will have polished gray concrete floors instead of tile:

This week we are also supposed to get the exterior of our house painted as well, so next Monday I should have some amazing update pictures. This is the exciting part where things are moving faster and things are actually happening so we are in the final stretch. It still isn’t as quick as HGTV but we’ll take it.


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