Fixer Upper Monday // 5.23.16

Hope you all had a good weekend. We spent time gardening, picking out interior paint colors and watching tile go down which was the highlight of our weekend as it signals progress. We are still waiting on exterior paint due to a miscommunication with our GC. Not having it doesn’t really make or break us with our next bank draw, but obviously the more work done the better so I can get paid back on it from the bank (#203k probs) and the house will look much nicer with some paint. We are also under a bit of a crunch as the bank said no more extensions after June 8th which is only two weeks away. I actually like working under tight deadlines so I hope everything comes together by this date because we really need to move in already. We have officially lost our patience somewhere in the last few months and now are just hanging by a thread. To get me through this time period I started watching Good Bones on HGTV, which is an amazing mother/daughter duo renovating houses in Indiana and I just adore them. HGTV and yoga, that’s what works for me in stressful times.


// New plants in the front yard, paint colors on the exterior //

Meanwhile, the concrete polishing of our addition has been in progress and will be done today. We had some issues with it that are supposed to get fixed today so hopefully it turns out the way we want. Once it is done, the addition just needs paint and trim, final electric & AC and the plumbing fixtures in the master bathroom and it will be done. I believe our custom sinks in both bathrooms will also be installed today which means technically we will have working sinks once the faucets get mounted. I heard that you need one working sink to get your CO to move in and I am hoping this counts. I am becoming desperate to move in already if you couldn’t tell. Might just start camping out in my own backyard.


Our tile was delivered by a third party service ($125) through our local Floor & Decor and tiling of the old house structure began this weekend. They are striving to get the kitchen and living room completed first so the floors are ready for the Ikea kitchen cabinet install on Thursday. They estimate the floor tiling to take about 4 – 5 days but it depends how the first day goes. Bathrooms take a few days each. Thankfully we aren’t going with my herringbone pattern which takes even longer but I would love to get some herringbone in the kitchen backsplash maybe?

fixer-upper-hgtv-203k-renovation// Our tile was delivered //

// Flooring in Living Room & Kitchen //


I have been organizing with the third party Ikea kitchen installation company they assign you with on the install for Thursday. They ask that you are present for the full install (all day) which is just ridiculous to me as we both work full time so I haven’t decided how I am going to handle that yet. I think I will just pop in and out when I can and hope for the best. I also scheduled the counter company to come out and measure at the end of the install cabinet day so fingers crossed that works out together. I really don’t want to go into the weekend without counter measuring as it is Memorial Day and most people are off on Monday. The latest thing that happened in our string of bad luck was our Lowe’s appliances were on our card so long (one year) the computer put them back in stock meaning they aren’t on our Lowes card anymore and now have to be put back on again so that’s been fun figuring out. Thankfully Lowes has great customer service in the store so that has been helpful. My sales guy managed to get them all back on my card and they are delivering next weekend so Memorial Day weekend should be huge for us as we will have cabinets installed, appliances and most of our flooring done.

// Choosing Paint Colors //


Choosing paint colors is hard, especially when you are choosing between three whites. Once I had them on the wall the Simply White looked really yellow. I think I am siding with the Chantilly Lace on the left as it is very white and doesn’t show any other hints of colors in it. I need to go back and see the colors later in the day to be sure, but this is the one I am leaning towards.


// House Punch List //

Finish concrete and tile

Paint (exterior & interior)

Door trim & baseboards (no crown molding)

Interior Doors & Garage Door Install (which is on backorder)

Kitchen Install (5/26 – 27)

Kitchen Counters (Measuring 5/26, 5 day turn time)

Appliance Delivery (5/28)

Final subs (electrical, plumbing & AC)

We have to knock out this punch list in a few weeks #HGTVstyle. If they can reno a home in 6 weeks I feel confident this can happen. Wish us luck! xx, Beth


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