Ikea Kitchen Installation.

On Thursday I met with the Ikea kitchen installation company (Traemand, who then sources out to a subcontractor in my area for the actual install) at the house at 8am and they completed the full install in about 7 hours. Once we reviewed the plan and walked through it in the kitchen area I left. They check each Ikea box to make sure everything is there (you also need to do this when they first arrive too), set up an area near the kitchen to assemble the cabinets and they are good to go. I left before 9am, came back at lunch to check on it and then they called me at 3pm to say they were done. You have to come back at the end to sign off on everything and it’s a simple as that. I was actually left with extra pieces that I can return to Ikea for some money back.

Traemand installs Ikea kitchens every day so they are very efficient and know what they are doing. I wouldn’t ever have attempted to try this myself as I think it is worth paying for and it cost us $1,500 for the full installation. My contractor would have charged me much more to put this together and they aren’t familiar with Ikea so I would highly recommend using the third party install company if you can afford to do so.

// Ikea Kitchen Installation Tips & Tricks //

  • Have a copy of your plan with you and the list of the products you bought
  • Have all your Ikea boxes set up near the kitchen area (they don’t move them for you)
  • Make sure you have power they can connect to and an extension cord if necessary
  • Discuss hardware placement with them at the start so they know what you want
  • Keep the protective film on if you are under construction

Ikea-sektion-kitchen // Set all boxes near the kitchen area for them //

I had our tile company finish the floors in the kitchen first so they were ready for the kitchen install. How pretty did our Floor & Decor Stela Ivory tile come out? I am in love with it. $1.89 all dayyyy.

Measuring-ike-kitchen-installation// They measure & level everything as they go //

ikea-kitchen-installation-review// Once all the bases are in they add the cabinet faces and hardware where you like //

ikea-kitchen-install// The blue is a protective film to keep them clean //

ikea-sektion-kitchen-install-fixer-upper// They didn’t add the toe kick piece to the end of the island as we are doing a waterfall //

We are not doing any uppers as we thought it might make the space look too small. We may add open shelving eventually and we still need to choose a backsplash. When we planned out the kitchen cabinets we realized we would have more than enough room for all our stuff and we added the cabinet above the fridge to ensure our bigger items can be stored up there. I LOVE that it swings up like a garage door. So fancy. It is so exciting to have an actual kitchen in my house – words cannot properly express the feeling. At 4pm I had the counter tech come out to measure everything so I will be getting a quote on the white quartz I want so I can get that done next week. They said they can rush a 4 day turn time so maybe we will make this crazy deadline after all. I hope you all have a great weekend and let me know any questions you have on dealing with Traemand for your Ikea kitchen installation. xx, Beth


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