Fixer Upper Monday // 5.31.16

I hope you all had a great Memorial weekend with your friends and family. We spent a lot of time at Lowe’s and prepping the house for tile work. I had no idea just how much work is entailed in putting tile down, especially on a house from the 40’s that is lifted on wood trusses. Turns out if we had just poured a new slab and started from scratch tiling and life in general would be easy , but for this couple nothing can be that simple. In other news, the exterior of our house finally got painted. Ta-da!

203k-fha-loan-home-renovation // Benjamin Moore’s Decorator White //

Once the house was painted everyone we know who drives by exclaims they can (finally) see our vision and we had a few people stop to ask if it is for sale. All I can say is – they would have to pay us a LOT of money for us to not get to live in this house that has consumed our lives for almost two years now. Last week our Ikea kitchen was installed, read all about that amazing experience here. I am really happy with my selection of the kitchen and how it turned out. I can’t wait to see the white quartz counters installed, I am supposed to get that quote by tomorrow and they said they can do a 4 day turn time.

All flooring was completed as of Saturday, which means they can do the base boards, trim and hang the doors this week. The grout they picked up was the wrong color so that has to get finished this week as well but it doesn’t get in the way of the trim and base boards. How amazing does our Stela Ivory Tile from Floor & Decor look throughout the house? Once it is grouted it will look seamless. Originally we were going to make this room an office, but since we don’t have a traditional dining room we are going to change this room into one.

IMG_8381// View from Sitting Room into Dining Room //

IMG_8393 //  View from Dining Room into Sitting Room //

IMG_8385 // Guest Bedroom (still needs grout) //

IMG_8346 // Looking down the main hallway, partially grouted //

IMG_8386 // Sneak Peek of the Guest Bathroom Marble Tile //

I am in LOVE with our guest bathroom tile, it is the Terra Nuova Brushed Marble tile from Floor & Decor. We are going to run it into the shower floor, on the main wall and the two side walls of the shower as well. We are going for a limestone-cagey Indonesian look and I think we are pulling it off. Our concrete vanities get installed today so I am looking forward to seeing it all come together. At 4pm I meet with the GC and the 203k Loan Consultant to get another draw check to pay me back for all the things I have fronted to get us to this point over the past 8 months, which you can imagine is a lot. We will only have one last remaining draw check after that and then can be done with the bank.

// House Punch List //

Interior Paint (choosing Chantilly White from Benjamin Moore)

Doors – Garage Door & Interior Doors

Wood trim and base boards (this week)

Final subs (Plumbing. Electric & AC)

Appliances (delivering this Friday)

Lately I have been feeling more frustrated about the house for some reason. I think it is because we are so close that it seems to drag out even longer and things aren’t happening as HGTV-quick enough for my taste. I still love my HGTV shows, but they really set you up to having false expectations. Maybe I should pitch a show on #230k loan nightmares renovations? They would have the longest seasons ever, ha. Have a great short week. xx, Beth



  1. Hi Beth,
    My husband and I are building a house in Texas, as in we are actually building the whole thing from design to finish out. Such a huge project. We are finally choosing tiles and I’m loving the Terra Nuova that you used in your guest bathroom. I love it so much I’m considering running it through almost our entire house. My husband is a bit concerned that it may be a slip hazard. What’s your thought on that? Would you use this same tile again and do you feel that it’s safe once installed?



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