Fixer Upper Monday // 6.6.16

We are so close to completion on the house, yet it feels so far away. It’s an odd feeling knowing that we are just weeks away and could be in even sooner if things could simply happen faster.  Trying to find peace with it and calming the anxiety and frustration can be difficult. I have been reading a lot lately to take my mind off it all. The last two books I read this weekend were really good and I highly recommend them: Come Back and Freud’s Mistress. Let me know if you have read them and what your thoughts are!

Ok, so here is the house update. The past few days included pricing out white quartz countertops and getting quotes only to come back to the original vendor. Now they have to come out and template it this week. Hopefully they can turn this around quickly. Here is their whitest white color, which I think goes well with the Ikea glossy white cabinets.


All of our doors are installed and the trim is completed, which is nice as you can finally really visualize the space with everything in its place. We decided to do just a simple square trim (which turns out to be more expensive), so the base boards have no profile in them. We also stayed away from any crown molding. I think this will help pull off the contemporary look we are going for – just crisp and clean lines.


Our guest bathroom is almost done being tiled in our Floor & Decor Terra Nuova marble tile. Lookin good. Not sure what to do about those edges tho.


The hubby had to Redgard the master shower, which ensures no moisture gets behind the tile so you don’t have mold issues later on. It turns from bright pink to a deep red to tell you once it is dried which is a joy waiting around for. This shower is now ready for our dark stone textured tile to be installed.


Our guest bathroom concrete vanity is installed and looking pretty good. Just waiting on the master vanity now which will be a longer version of this in white too.


// Punch List //

Master Shower Tile – this weekend

Interior Paint – once tile is done

Kitchen Countertop – template this week

Master Vanity – this week hopefully

Sub finals (AC, Plumbing & Electric) – AC this week, plumbing after tile & electric after paint

Appliances – delivering this weekend from Lowe’s


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