Fixer Upper Monday // 6.13.16

Last week was torturous thanks to the horrible bank of Homebridge, but we had some minor wins. The kitchen counters were templated so they are now being fabricated and will install this week. The rest of the tile was installed last week as well so everything is ready to go for final plumbing, except the master bath floor which doesn’t affect plumbing. Also, the AC equipment went in so it just needs to be trimmed out (after paint). We are so close but almost everything is dependent on something else so we are at a very frustrating stage right now, counting down the days till we can live in this house.

The worst part is that the bank took almost 10 business days to send us our escrow check which has now held up the entire house process as people need to get paid for work already in place and our GC doesn’t want to put more work in place until the past work has been paid on. It is beyond frustrating waiting on money that is yours that you need to finish your job. The checks have never taken that long before and they claim they had to pull our title which is what took so long. These are just a few of the reasons I would not recommend doing a #203k loan, at least with this bank.

// Counters getting templated //IMG_8526

Make sure you are present for the counter templating to ensure they build it how you want it and for any issues that may arise. For instance, the kitchen sink we ordered over a year ago is too big for our cabinets so I had to order a new kitchen sink and get the sink template to the counter people within one day. Thank God for Amazon Prime. Here is the new kitchen sink:


Kraus Undermount Sink

The old GC “lost” our sill risers for our sliding doors so I had to order new ones from PGT and wait on their delivery before the guys could tile up to the sliders correctly. These floors are going to be a bitch to keep clean as you can see from all our foot traffic on a rainy day.


// Guest bathroom tile is done in the lovely Floor & Decor Terra Nuova Brushed Marble Tile //IMG_8517

Then they added in our LUXE Tile Insert Drain – $50 – looks Amazing!203k-renovation

// Here is our stone cave shower, tiled in the killer Crossville Malbec Tile //IMG_8528

We had to order a different sized tile for the shower floor so now we wait for those to come in this week. We are using the same “in tile” drain for this space as well. I wanted a long linear drain but the one we needed cost $600 so yeah, no. Here is the Crossvile Malbec smaller tile for the master shower floor:


// This weekend we taped up the floors to protect the tile //203k-fha-full-renovation-contemporary-home

// House Punch List //

Garage Door Install (door is in, just needs to be installed)

Base boards finished up

Kitchen Counter Install (Friday)

Interior Paint (??)

Final Plumbing (after counters)

Final Electrical (after paint)


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