2016 Book Club Edition.

This past New Year my resolutions included reading more as I had forgotten what it is like to get fully lost in a book. Considering I have a master’s degree in English it was becoming quite disheartening so I resolved to make the time for reading. Getting lost in a great book turned out to not only help me creatively, but in getting me through this very stressful year with the house renovation. When I get into a book I simply cannot put it down and feel that I am in the story, are you like that too? Here are some of the great books I enjoyed this year, I hope they bring you an escape from a hard day or just from the sad world we are living in. My best advice is to turn off the news and pick up a book, you’ll be much better for it. 2016-book-list

// BOOKS //

Freud’s Mistress

Little Bee

Salt Dancers

The Girl on the Train

Me Before You

The Handmaid’s Tale

Living the Farm Sanctuary Life 


Magic Lessons, with Elizabeth Gilbert

Food Heals (I am obsessed!)


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