Fixer Upper Monday // 6.27.16

Ugh, Mondays. Still not living in my house I pay a mortgage for. Last week and this weekend was basically one issue after another and I broke down in tears more than once…maybe even in front of my plumber. I’m not sure why I am more emotional when we are in the final stretch, but I believe I have finally reached my breaking point after a year and a half of this. It is just a very frustrating feeling when you feel that you know nothing about what the subs are talking about, but they make you feel that you should know and no one can seem to communicate clearly. As someone whose job is being organized and getting things done efficiently it is a very odd feeling. This is the behind-the-scenes shit they don’t show on HGTV.

// Exterior Lights are installed //fixer-upper-home renovation-203k

Lowes was supposed to deliver our appliances on Thursday, they showed up with no stove and the wrong fridge. They got the dishwasher right at least. On Friday they came with the right stove and picked up the wrong fridge on Sunday. Our new garage door finally showed up on Friday after months of being backordered. It is in place, but not installed fully yet. Still looks about 100% better than our old dingy and broken door from the old house though. I’ll get a new pic once the dumpster is pulled this week.

// Ceiling Fan and high hats installed in master bedroom //203k-home-renovation-florida

Electric sent me into a panic last week saying we need an outlet in our quartz countertop for code and could I have my quartz guys come and cut out a space for it? Um, not happening. They had to come up with another solution so I left them to that to figure it out. I’ve realized if you don’t panic and do nothing they usually come up with a solution eventually. On Friday I had to go to Home Depot with my electrician to pick out my high hats – who even knew they had so many options? He has been working closely with our AC guy to ensure they are on the same page so that is almost complete as well. All the AC guy has left to do is install the handler in the master as we have a separate unit in there and the rest of the house has central AC which is all wired.

// Never thought I would be so excited about a toilet //contemporary-home-renovation

The plumber showed up Saturday morning and our house “wasn’t 100% ready for him”. He wanted every fixture near its location for install, organized with all their pieces and was not happy with the status of the house saying it should be pristine when he comes in. This is about the time I cried. These are all things I wasn’t aware of and no one informed me about to prep for plumbing. He did what he could and will be coming back on Saturday to finish. Not sure if he was just being difficult or we really should have the whole thing cleaned. It’s hard to clean up when the drywall and painters still have to come back in. On the positive side, we have working toilets now so, there’s that. Needless to say, my GC was NOT happy this morning, but he never really is.

// Punch List //

Plumbing Final (tub, faucets, water heater & dishwasher)

Garage Door Installed (done)

Tile finished in master shower floor & window (Tile)

AC Air Handler put in master (done)

Master Sink mounted (us)

Cooktop space sawed out more in cabinet (us)

Bath Accessories added (us)

Install master closet (us, need final paint)

Drywall patching & final paint (GC)


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