Fixer Upper Monday // 7.4.16

Last September we were given a bottle of Veuve champagne as a gift for our elopement. I kept it to drink once we had something major to celebrate with the house. Ten months later we finally popped the bottle. The cause for such a thing? We finally have working AC and lights in the house, along with flushing toilets. Sounds like a reason to party to me.


Last week was not a great one, mainly because our plumber is holding up the entire job. We are waiting for him to come this Saturday to finish up all of the fixtures and install my tub. Once he is done and passes inspection we can call in the CO (certificate of occupancy) that allows us to “legally” move in. I’m not really sure what they do if you just move in anyway but with our luck I don’t want to find out. All of our kitchen appliances were delivered and installed but are covered in blue film so no pics of the kitchen just yet. By the way, your electrician can hook up the dishwasher and oven for you, Lowes plugged in the fridge and the plumber handles the sink disposal. This applies for a new build and no one told me of these things so I was confused as to who does what so just wanted to share my knowledge.

Our AC was hooked up by Thursday and they called final inspection on Friday so it is really nice to finally have working AC in the house during this time of year. Makes it hard to leave sometimes, lol. The electrician came back out on Friday and finished their part, they are supposed to call in their final inspection today. Having lights was an amazing moment and around the time I called my MIL to bring the champagne I have been holding onto. Finally some huge steps to celebrate about.

// High hats with white light vs yellow light //203k-renovation

// Working lights & toilet in the guest bath //fha-203k-loan-renovation

// Entryway into the addition //home-renovation-blog

// Fans and high hats installed in Living Room //modern-home-renovation

// Hallway to the master bedroom //modern-home-design-blog

What we are praying for is to receive our CO next week. In the meantime we are getting quotes on a driveway and glass for the showers (which you don’t need for a CO btw). The drywall guy came back out to finish up some places with minor dings and things from all the subs. Now the walls are ready for a final coat of paint! Almost there. Next up will be posts on the fun part – decorating. xx

// Punch List //

Plumbing Final (Saturday)

Tile finished in master shower floor & window (by Friday)

Add Bath Accessories & Install Master Closet

Final paint  (this week)



  1. This looks amazing! We are in the pre-approval process for a 203k loan. Thank you for so much insight! I know it will be worth it in the end! I am worried it will take a while to find a home because everything that is within our budget seems to go to cash investors or be “cash only” deals.


    1. Thank you Courtney! We had a similar issue in the beginning with our house so we included a personal letter to the seller which ended up beating out investors. We told them that we are a couple who plans on living in the house vs. turning it into something else and they went with us over investors. Maybe this would help you? Good luck! – Beth


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