Fixer Upper Monday // 7.11.16

Happy Mondayyyyy. This weekend was huge for us because the plumber showed up on Saturday with two guys and they knocked everything out in our house. It took about nine hours total for three men to install and test every fixture and we now have running water. I could cry, but I didn’t  for once. It almost doesn’t feel real that we are so close to the end. The plumber is calling his inspection on Tuesday so if he passes we can then call our final CO. There are many items you don’t need  to call in a final CO such as glass shower enclosures, paint, etc. as those are decorative and not integral to making the house livable. Once we have plumbing approved we should be good to go. Hopefully they don’t care about the fact that we don’t have a driveway, but we have started getting bids on that so we can show we are in the process at least.


// Master Bathroom //

The shower tile still needs to be grouted and the floor tile needs to be sealed which will make it the same color as the wall tile. Some final trim needs to go in here but otherwise this room is done other than decorations. Next we will be getting a custom mirror for above the sink and a glass enclosure for around the shower. Tip on Fixtures: Make sure to order all fixtures in the same finish so everything matches, we went with polished chrome for everything.

// Guest Bathroom //

All that is left to do in here is some light caulking, and then adding a mirror to go above the sink and a single piece of glass for the shower with no door. I am thinking of doing a Bali wood carved mirror in here to give it that vibe we like.

// Kitchen Sink Faucet & Disposal //


I love our large sink and the drain is unique as it is a square vs. the regular circle drain. This meant I had to buy a drain adapter to make it all work, but thank God for Amazon Prime. One thing I would suggest is holding off on buying your fixtures until the very end. One of the first things we bought was our fixtures because we thought our house would be done much sooner and there are many items we aren’t using, didn’t fit or lost a part to and now it has been too long to return them.

// Our DIY Horizontal Gate // IMG_7411

This DIY project was relatively easy. The hardest part was choosing the right stain color for the cedar planks. We kept seeing pictures we liked pinned everywhere claiming the color we wanted was BEHR Weatherproofing Wood Stain in Cordovan Brown but every finish we tried of it just looked dark brown, so instead we ended up with BEHR stain in “Slate” instead. Where you see the metal fences we will have hedges and bougainvillea so you will not really see much of the fence. This is much more cost effective than cedar planking the entire area. We plan on doing this same thing on the other side of the house as well.

Once we have our final CO we can bind our homeowner’s insurance, refinance our mortgage and complete our final draw with the 203k consultant. The consultant will fill out a final draw sheet as usual, as well as a lien waiver with the GC and a mortgagee letter of completion – all provided by the consultant. Once all of this paperwork is submitted with the final CO to the lender they will release your final draw + the 10% holdback on the job. Once the house is done we will also need to have it reappraised before refinancing to see how much equity we have in the home. Hopefully there is enough equity to take some out to pay down some debt and get our driveway paid for. Say some prayers for us this week that it is our final week. xx, Beth

// Punch List //

Pass Plumbing Inspection (Tuesday)

Call Final CO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this week baby.

Grout & seal tile in master bath

Add Bath Accessories & Install Master Closet  (we need to do this for our final bank draw to get money back on these items)

Final Paint  & Cleanup


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