Fixer Upper Monday // 7.18.16

Last week dragged on as we tried to solve a small plumbing issue, which is holding up our CO. Minor work was done like adding sliding door hardware and some other punch list items like cleaning the windows and doors. They also came out and did a final coat of paint on the walls, which looks pretty similar to the primer color #whiteonwhite. On Saturday the plumber came out to fix the one last thing we need for his final inspection to pass ( a scalding valve which is code in Florida fyi), he is supposed to call in his inspection today.

This morning we met with the 203k Loan Consultant for our last and final draw, which is huge. I cannot wait to be done with the bank. Once plumbing passes, we can call the CO and once I have the CO we can submit the final paperwork to the bank and the final check will be cut which means I will be done with them and the GC once the check comes in. The awesome news is that as soon as we have the CO we can move in regardless of the bank, so we are hoping this is the week! We went to our storage unit on Saturday and went through what we could so we could clear out some clutter before even moving in.

// Final Paint – BM “Chantilly Lace” //IMG_8957

// Final paint //IMG_8958

// We pulled up the flooring paper so the house looked presentable for the consultant //IMG_9017

// We also pulled the film off the counter and appliances //IMG_9019

// All appliances are installed //IMG_9028

// Ikea closet took about 3 hours to set up //IMG_8965

// I plan on putting a mirror with lights at the end like a vanity station //IMG_8962

The closet took about 3 hours to set up. You can move around all of the shelves and baskets etc per how you want your closet set up. Not everything is pictured, I just got in what I needed to for the bank consultant to see it and release money for the closet. I cannot wait to organize everything and set up the whole thing. At the end of the closet I want to have a vanity with a mirror to do my makeup in the closet. Almost there, not everything is done and it will take time but the bones are there and it’s livable which is all we need. I can’t believe how long this process has been and how much we have learned. I hope that I helped a few of you along the way! As always, contact me with any questions you have on a #203k Loan or renovation. xx, Beth


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