The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

With every home move comes a great opportunity to clear away the clutter and offload things that are no longer serving you. My sister in law told me over the weekend about the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and I was so motivated just hearing what she learned from it that I took to our closets and drawers last night to purge before our big move into the casa. I had heard people say the book changed their lives so I was more than happy to jump right in and transform my own. Here is what I learned in just three hours of purging without even buying the book.


Spark Joy. If you don’t love an item or you don’t feel great when you wear it, ditch it. This seems to be a simple enough task but I debated over some pretty random items last night before ultimately getting rid of them if I had to think that hard about them. I also had many workout clothes that have gotten ruined in the renovation process that I held onto for future yard work, but decided to throw them out as they make me feel shitty when I wear them. I only want to own items that make me feel great. I was like a cleaning maniac last night and my husband was very excited to see me cleaning my closet as he still hasn’t wrapped his head around why women need different clothes for work, going out, casual wear, etc.

Tackle by Category. I only live in a large bedroom right now so this part was easy. I tackled our paperwork/junk drawer first going through old receipts, house paperwork and other randomness (who needs 50 batteries?). Afterwards we moved onto our clothing drawers and closets. We filled up about three trash bags of trash, donations and things to sell at Plato’s Closet. I believe books will be the hardest category for me, but they are all in storage right now so I will have to purge those when we move out that stuff.

The Folding Method. I saw images of the folding technique here and it did make up for so much space in our drawers. Now we can easily see everything which cuts down on time and frustration finding everything, especially in the morning when I am getting ready for work and running late which is always. Can’t wait to utilize the folding method in my new Ikea closet (pictured inset).

We also went through our storage unit this weekend and threw out anything in sight that didnt bring us joy either. Old DVDs? Tossed an entire garbage bag full of them. Random kitchen utensils we never used? Gone. It is liberating in a way to just toss aside anything not bringing you happiness of any kind. I can’t wait to go through all the clothes buried in there but I think I may move it all into our garage first and then toss. I highly recommend following these core ideas from the book and if nothing else, just ask if the item brings you joy? It is that easy. xx, Beth


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