Fixer Upper // Life After the CO.

So things have been crazy at the new house, but I wanted to give an update. We got our CO on July 21st and started moving in the next day as soon as our house was professionally cleaned. Read about what to do once you get your CO (certificate of occupancy)ย here. Our final check and holdback amount was sent out last night the 27th, so the bank only took 4 business days this time and now we are done with them. From the final check we have to pay money to the GC and then we get some of it back, still to be determined from his final invoice. But overall, this #203k Loan nightmare is over. Footloose dance time…

We moved everything out of my MIL’s house and our storage unit (done paying that!) by Sunday and had everything in our house almost put away by Monday. When we moved in with my MIL we really cleared a lot out so we didn’t have as much to move in. On Saturday and Sunday I set up our Ikea closet which wasn’t hard to put together but was difficult to know where I want everything to go – check out the pics after the jump.

// Our finished kitchen //IMG_9085

Next we go about refinancing our home and having it appraised so we can use some equity to pay down debt and get things done, like a driveway and shower glass. The dogs seem to be happy in their new backyard and we are ecstatic to finally be living in our dream home that took a lot of time, sweat and many tears. I haven’t slept this well in over a year and wake up each morning without the dread of the next debacle that will befall us. It is a surreal feeling and we feel like we are on vacation in our own home. I am going to do a whole Before & After post coming up and talk about whether or not I would do a #203k again or recommend it so stay tuned in. As always, feel free to ask me any questions about the process. x, B

// Hallway mirror //IMG_9094

// My closet – aka sanctuary//IMG_9095

// Master shower & Orchid garden //IMG_9158

// New bar stools //IMG_9161


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