Plantbased Grocery Haul & Meal Ideas.

We did our plant based grocery haul at Trader Joe’s on Sunday to prepare for the week and it feels so good to be prepared. This haul will last us about 4 days of meals, maybe 5 if we stretch it. We have some leftover staple items from our last haul that are not pictured like oats, frozen veggies, rice cakes, hummus, peanut butter and veggie patties in the freezer. This haul cost us only $100 for two people and included spices to fill our spice rack, so if  you took those out everything cost under $100.

Breakfast // I made a batch of Loni Jane’s RAWNOLA (pulse dates, oats + coconut flakes) to eat with almond milk and fruit. You can also top your smoothies with the rawnola. We bought spinach, frozen fruit and chia seeds to make smoothies in the morning too – I have been trying to make a smoothie with spinach every morning and my nails have been growing like crazy after only doing it for a week. Lately, my husband likes apples with peanut butter for breakfast or avocado smashed on rice cakes.


Snacks // Apples with pb, Avocados with salt + pepper, rice cakes with avo or pb, Smoothies / smoothie bowls, Date rolls, PB Oat Balls: Mix 1/2 C PB + 1C oats + 1/3C honey, roll into balls 🙂

Lunch // I made homemade Falafel on Sunday for our lunches this week to go either with a wrap and hummus or on a salad. Falafel Recipe {makes 14}: 1 Can Chickpeas, 1/3 C parsley, 4 garlic cloves, cumin to season. Blend ingredients, chill mixture for 30 mins to 1hr, roll into balls and cook in Grapeseed oil on medium heat until browned. Voila! My husband also likes to put veggies and hummus into a wrap for his lunch so he rotates that with the falafel.

Dinners // I think this can be the hardest for those transitioning into a pb lifestyle so here are some ideas using what we are actually eating this week.
Sunday – Roasted cauliflower tossed in hot sauce + potatoes cut into “french fries” with S&P
Monday – Huge Greek salad with hearts of palm, grilled artichokes on top
Tuesday – Eggplant (not pictured), spinach with organic marinara sauce
Wednesday – Corn “Chowder” with almond milk, mirepoix, potatoes, corn (Full recipe to come)
Stretch night – When we have very little left in the fridge we will make hash browns with the potatoes, salad with what is leftover or sautee spinach with any veggies we have. We also bought quinoa so you can easily turn this into a hot or cold dish with leftover veggies.
Thursday – We want to make veggie nori rolls but need to pick up the sushi rice and nori paper. We will fill them with the avocado and cucumber we already have on hand.

Hope that this gives some plant based ideas as to what to buy at the grocery store and how to turn these random veggies and fruits into enough “meals” to get you through the week. xx, Beth


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