Fixer Upper // 8.8.16

Now that we are living in our home we have been so busy just enjoying it that we haven’t really done much to it. Plus we need a lot of furniture so it is hard to put things away when we don’t have anywhere to put the things. We finally got our hood installed this weekend which adds a lot to the kitchen and now we are trying to chose a backsplash that fits our style (see Pinterest board below). There is something nice about taking your time with decorating instead of rushing it as I like to research and really think things through before I commit.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 4.38.56 PM// My HOME Pinterest board //

We have started the process for the driveway, choosing the pavers we want and putting a deposit down with the vendor. He pulled the permit today and the pavers take two weeks to make (of course we want a color not in stock) so hopefully we have a driveway at the beginning of September. For now, we ghetto yardpark. This week we also have the shower glass & mirror company coming out to remeasure. It takes about 7 – 10 business days and then they come back for the final install. It will be so nice to have a mirror in our bathroom and not have to use the one in the hallway every day.

203k Bank Check: The final bank check was actually painless and came within one week. Now I have to meet with my GC to iron out how much is owed to him and how much is left for us hopefully this week. After your final check + 10% holdback you are officially done with the lender! #partytime

Refinancing: All the paperwork is done with our mortgage lender. The appraiser came out this weekend and will have the appraisal by wednesday which is also the day our loan should come out of underwriting (whatever that means). We should then be able to go through the closing after that and then we get “funded” which means we can get equity out to finish the driveway and pay down some debt. Refinancing will also allow us to skip two mortgage payments which will save us some money. We are really hoping the home appraises well, so cross your fingers for us.

IMG_9356// Our new kitchen hood & plant from my lovely cousin //

IMG_9305// The hubs started on some landscaping to give us more privacy //

The nice thing about moving into a house that you have been building for over a year is everyone is so excited for you and stop by to check it out and bring us housewarming gifts. It is nice to feel the love and start to make this house a home. We don’t want to have a “housewarming” party until the driveway is in so we are thinking of maybe throwing something around the holidays when we have more done and decorated. That is it for now, will keep updating as we go. xx, B


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