Dunkin’ Donuts Goes Vegan and Emails Me.

As a follower of Compassion Over Killing, I was excited to read their post about Dunkin Donuts Adding almond milk to its menu to “accommodate guests looking for a non-dairy alternative.” One of the main reasons I don’t go to DD for my coffee fix is because of this very reason, so to know that they are now offering dairy alternatives made my day. Every time I go to a restaurant or shop that doesn’t offer vegan alternatives (Nordstrom Cafe, I’m talking to you on your food sitch) I make sure to nicely mention to the manager that it would be wonderful if they did. I think it is so important that we speak up for what we believe in and nicely ask for alternatives. It can’t hurt. People tend to think nothing can change with large corporations because they don’t listen, but I believe if they hear it from enough people the tides will change.


While I am happy on the milk front and applaud their changes, DD’s vegan food options are few and far between so I reached out to Dunkins’ customer service to ask for more vegan choices, particularly a donut. The next day I received an email from their customer service and the reply was positive. I wanted to share their response with you to show that companies do pay attention to what consumers want and if enough of us demand change it can and will happen.

Letter from Dunkin’ Donuts:
Thank you for contacting Dunkin’ Donuts. We appreciate your interest in vegetarian and vegan offerings.

While most of our yeast donuts do not contain milk, milk product or egg as a direct ingredient, a small percentage do contain these and therefore cannot be considered vegan products. This variation is a result of different preparation methods.

The products listed below do not contain milk, milk product or egg as a direct ingredient and could be considered vegan:

Vegan Food Offerings
Bagels – all varieties except sour cream and onion
Bagel Twists – all varieties except cheddar cheese & sour cream and onion
English Muffin
Hash Browns
French Roll

Vegan Beverage Offerings
Turbo Shot
Hot/Iced Black Coffee
Hot/Iced Coffee with Almond Milk
Hot/Iced Lattes with Almond Milk
Hot/Iced Macchiatos with Almond Milk
Coffee Coolattas with Almond Milk
Flavor Shots – all varieties
Flavor Swirls – Mocha and Peppermint Mocha
Black Tea
Green Tea
Iced Tea – Sweetened or Unsweetened
Sweet Tea

Donuts are still missing on this list so I encourage you all to email customerservice@dunkinbrands.com and ask for Dunkin’ Donuts to work on adding some vegan donut options to their menu. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world! xx, Beth


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