FIXER UPPER // 10.10.16

Hi! I know it has been awhile but I needed a little break and time to just enjoy the house we spent so long building. It is such a humbling experience to wake up in a house we designed, breathe easy and finally have all the 203k stress behind us. We went on vacation to Costa Rica to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary (remember when we eloped in Bali last year?), which I will do a separate blog post on later this week. So let me jump right in and give you an update on what’s been happening at the house.

Our driveway permit finally passed, but a little hurricane stopped the process last week so hopefully we can get it installed this week. It takes about 2 – 3 days for full installation. We cannot wait to be able to park on solid pavers and stop trekking in so much dirt into the house, which means less cleaning of the floors for me. Currently we park on our grass straight hood style.

We paid our deposit on the shower glass for both bathrooms. It takes 8 – 13 days for production and then they schedule an install so hopefully next week sometime. For the past few months we have been showering in the guest bath where we put up a shower curtain for the short term. It will be nice to be able to use our master shower eventually and my tub, which hasn’t had hot water in weeks but that’s a whole other story. The company we chose to do the glass is Superior Frameless Showers and they are amazing – professional, efficient and competitive. They are also doing our master bathroom mirror which will take up the whole wall and the sink handles will extend out from the mirror. I got a round jute rug for the bathroom to warm it up a bit against the concrete floors and am planning on hanging an image of waves above the tub, just need to find the perfect one. Here are the three I am eyeing, let me know which one you like the best.

A few weeks ago we paid our deposit for custom drapes for both sets of sliding doors and a few windows facing the west. These can take months to be completed since they are custom, but I think they will add a lot to the space and make it feel more home-y and styled. I choose a sheer white ribbon fold curtain for the door drapes like in the pic below, and we picked a black pull down shade for a few of the windows since the window frames are black. That way when they are rolled up you won’t really be able to see them against the frame and when they pull down they are the same color as the window tint anyway. Like everything we’ve done to date – make decisions and hope for the best!


Last weekend we bought an amazing entry table made of a teak root at this Indonesian furniture store in Miami for a fraction of the price they normally cost. I am envisioning a cool large piece of artwork to hang above it, maybe something in black and white. I also picked up a beautiful mirror for the guest bathroom at World Market for only $83. Steal. Oh, and we added an indoor plant, new comforter and a new mattress to our bedroom (we ordered a Leesa mattress in a box and love it!) I will do a more in depth bedroom post once it is more finished.

img_1041 // Our new teak root entry table //


// World Market Metal Scalloped Inlay Mirror //

Next up is a bed, which has been difficult to find but I think we are leaning towards this one: wood-bed-floating

As you can see we still have a lot to do and want to take our time picking our furniture. It is harder than I thought to decorate a modern house with a Bali vibe, but I think we are pulling it off. In addition to everything else in progress we are also getting quotes on a pool and I can’t believe how much money they cost. I mean, I heard they were pricey but I thought it was like a flat screen TV that gets cheaper over time. Will give you all the deets if we decide to go for it. xx, B


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