13 Plantbased Breakfast Options for the Everyday Girl.

My friend and I were just venting our frustration over the world of Instagram where so many plantbased voices post elaborate smoothie bowls, eaten on the beach out of a conch shell while getting a tan in some amazing bikini. Ok, so maybe this is a little bit of an exaggeration but you catch my drift. Who the F has time to make crazy photogenic acai bowls in the morning when you are running late to a 9-to-5 job? Not me. I live and work in the real world where I give myself about 20 mins to get ready in the morning before leaving my house and driving 20mins to work where I stay from 8:30 – 5:30 every day of the week. I don’t know about you but I’m not at the beach with my smoothie jar at 2pm, I am in an office typing on my computer under bad fluorescent lighting. This being said, we started thinking of plantbased breakfast ideas that the everyday girl can achieve who doesn’t have the luxury of living on the beach in Hawaii next to an acai shop.

There’s always the obvious juice or smoothie but these don’t really fill me up in the morning. When I actually do give myself a few extra minutes to make a smoothie I am already starving by 10am. So here are some ideas that can be prepped the night before or bought on a Sunday to keep at work to get you through the week that are easy, cheap and plantbased. xx, Beth


Breakfast Tacos / Burritos: My husband loves dinner for breakfast so this is a good go-to for him. You can fill your tortillas with mushrooms, peppers, onions, beans, avocado, potatoes – basically any veggie on earth. Roll it up and inhale. Make your veggies the night before, bring them to work with tortillas and you are done. If you don’t eat gluten find GF tortillas or go for corn tortillas.

Hashbrowns / Potato pancakes: Potatoes are your plantbased friend. They won’t make you fat, quite the opposite. Try to cook them with very light oil or no oil if possible. Cook them the night before as hash browns with onions & peppers, you can even top them with black beans if that’s your thing in the morning. Another option is to shred them and make them into small “potato pancakes” the night before and warm them up for breakfast.

Chia Pudding with fruit: Basic but easy. Mix coconut milk with chia overnight with a touch of honey, chill in the fridge and eat in the a.m. topped with fruit. You can make a large batch for the week to get you through.

Overnight Oats: I think we all know this one now so I won’t elaborate, but easiest thing ever. If you don’t get full on oats alone, top with some walnuts.

Just Banana Bread / Muffins: Make a batch for the week so you can grab & go, I love this recipe from Forks Over Knives.

Larabars: If you don’t want to make anything this is for you. Easy to pronounce ingredients, quick to grab = no brainer

Starbucks oatmeal with blueberries: If you must hit up SB this is one of their healthier plantbased breakfast options…actually it is their only pb choice other than a fruit cup. But why pay SB for oats when you can buy a container and keep it at your workplace to make each day?

Acai bowls to go go: You could call up your local acai place and do a drive by in the morning if you have time. You could also buy the Sambazon packs and make your bowl at work if you have a blender, top with granola and fruit.

Smashed Avocado on Ezekiel Toast or Peanut Butter & Banana on Ezekial Toast: I rotate this between my oatmeal for work because its easy, filling and cheap. Just buy a loaf of Ezekial for the week, keep PB at your desk and buy a bunch of bananas or avos for the week. Done.

Apple with peanut butter: Simple and filling.

Blueberry Quinoa Bowl with fruit, coconut milk and granola: I got this idea from Another Broken Egg Cafe. Cook quinoa for the week and add mashed blueberries to it so it becomes blueberry quinoa. Scoop this out every day into bowl or tupperware, top with fruit of choice, granola & coconut milk (or any non dairy milk option). Super filling.

Granola with fruit and nondairy milk: Same idea without making the quinoa. Very easy to keep at work and eat every day.

PB, Oat & Honey Bites: Mix all ingredients in a bowl, roll into balls and chill until ready to eat. Make them healthier with chia seeds and flaxseed.


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