Fixer Upper Monday // 11.7.16

This month is one for the books (or the blog) as we finally got our driveway. No more parking on our lawn straight ghetto style, tracking in dirt every day and being embarrassed by our horrid front steps from 1940. Gone are the days of only showering in the guest bathroom with the cheapest shower curtain I could find at Home Goods. Now we are officially all grown up with proper glass showers and a driveway that fits at least five cars. I will post the glass pictures later this week once I get some good ones, so today we are just focusing on the driveway process. To think we could have had all of this done when the house got finished in August was a pipe dream, but at least we have it now. It is hard to express in words, but I feel so grateful for our home to be done, to be able to afford these final touches and just live our lives in this place that we designed, built, cried over, dreamed about and hoped for so hard. Sometimes when you only read someone’s weekly blog posts or follow their social media everything they do looks so effortless and you wonder how they manage to do it all. Let me just say – you can’t have the sweet without the sour. xx

Driveway // We Used Xtreme Pavers (Danny’s service is excellent)

// Stage 1: Bobcat comes and pulls up everything creating the area to be filled //

// Stage 2: Level the driveway and lay down a layer of rock //

// Stage 3: Pavers are delivered //


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