Plantbased Food Diary / December 2016.

Being in our new house means finally getting back into full #plantbased living, creating new dishes and, of course, photographing them on my all white counter. Everything just looks better against all white in the right light, but sometimes late at night it is hard for me to capture food in the best lighting so forgive my snaps. Lately I have been making green smoothies every morning, huge salads at night and sipping on Jasmine tea before bed with some honey. It’s funny how your habits change and evolve over the months just dependent where you are in life. I’m really trying to cut back on coffee but I find it hard to give it up at work. Maybe it’s a New Year’s resolution to go for?

I finally got to try Green Bar & Kitchen in Ft. Lauderdale and it did not dissapoint. Everything is vegan and they serve wine and beer. My bff met up with me and we split the Taco Salad, General Tzo’s Bowl, Tater Tots and a Whoopie Pie. Everything was amazing but I would say my fave was the tots because they are my weakness. I am more a salty girl vs a sweets girl.

This week for dinner at home we made Loaded Baked Potatoes with Broccoli and Daiya Cheese and Veggie Soup which lasted us two meals. My husband has also been making Spaghetti Squash with a Primavera sauce once a week which makes a lot. We have been trying to make bigger portions for dinner so we can bring food for lunch the next day, but when all you eat is plants I find you eat more servings at dinnertime.

Lately, I have been getting really into the holiday spirit, wrapping gifts, making vegan hot chocolate (let me know if you want the recipe), decorating the tree and watching old school Christmas movies. My MIL and I also make some vegan Christmas cookies that I gifted to the maintenance men in my office building. I love to give back and this is an easy and affordable way to make someone’s day and sneak in healthy treats!


// GF Vegan Gingerbread Men via Minimalist Baker //

This is my favorite time of the year and I am going to write a post all about how to stay as healthy as possible this time of year as we all know the struggle is real.

Hope you all had a wonderful week! xx, Beth


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