Fixer Upper: Patio Edition.

We finally have a patiooooo (in my Oprah voice)…

After two years of wishing and dreaming, our home finally feels like it is coming together. Mainly because we have a driveway and patio now which most homes come with when you buy them. We apparently like to do things backwards.

The style we love most is modern Bali, especially in our outdoor space, so having coral stone was a must and lots of tropical plants, which we are slowly working on. Over time we want the yard to be very lush and most of the fence will be covered with plants. We have priced out a pool but right now it isn’t in our budget so maybe eventually we will add a smaller plunge pool into the yard but for now we are holding off.

We ended up having our tile guy buy direct wholesale to get the coral stone we wanted because none of the tile places had what we wanted or they had an insane markup on it. Because the old house portion was lifted over a crawl space we needed stairs built down to the patio from the sliding doors. We had the new stairs built out of the same coral stone our patio is made of to give it a seamless look extending down to the patio. Oh, how I will miss our rickety stairs made up of two stacked palettes covered with a mat that my dog Lady loved to pee on. This is a serious upgrade and we couldn’t be happier.

// final patio shots //

img_2550We ended up with enough extra tile to build out an area to put our grill on to the side of the house so it is hidden. img_2557img_2573// never thought I would love stairs so much //

img_2574img_2575img_2559If we build a pool it would be in this area you see between the palms, right off the patio.

We waited to have Xtreme Pavers do the patio since they did such a great job on the driveway and we couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend them, they show up when they say they are going to and do an excellent job!


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