Plantbased Food Haul on a Budget.


This grocery haul from Trader Joe’s cost $80 for two people and will last us four days, maybe 5 if we stretch it and “eat from our pantry” one meal. Macadamia nuts are $9 otherwise this would have been even cheaper, but you can’t put a number on your health and macadamia nuts are a MUST because the “ricotta” cheese they can create is killer. This grocery haul basically breaks down to $16 a day for two people, so $8 each a day which is amazing for all 3 meals and a snack. Note, my husband already had a batch lunch created so he didn’t have to come up with lunches for those days. 

Breakfast Options:
Oats (not pictured) with blueberries or bananas
Mashed Avo on Ezekiel Toast
Overnight Oats with chia, almond milk & dairy free choc chips

Snack Options: Bananas, Apples (with PB not pictured)

4 Lunches (for me): Two TJ’s Vegan, GF Soups (these last me 4 days) & Toast with Avocado smashed

My hubby had already made a large batch of quinoa with veggies so that was his lunch for 3 days. The eggplant lasagna also made enough to take as lunch one day which gave him 4 meals.

5 Dinners for Two People:

1. Eggplant Lasagna with “Ricotta” from @Minimalist Baker
2. Mushroom Tacos with black beans
3. Tofu & Broccoli
4. Brussels with Vegan Caeser Dressing (capers, vegan mayo, lemon)
5. Veggie Gyoza with baked Cauliflower

Some of the items we always have on hand that are not pictured that we would “shop from our pantry” would be: quinoa, oats, miso soup packets, buckwheat noodles, chia, spices, etc. We do not use oil for most of our dishes but if we must, we use a little bit of grapeseed oil. I don’t really think any oil is great for you but like I say, I’m plantbased not perfect so I’m not going to nitpick over a tiny bit of oil once awhile.

One of the biggest things I hear is “you eat like a bird” or questions like: “how does your husband feel full” on only plants? but I have to say that I am always full from my meals and my husband never has an issue with needing more food after dinner. Maybe your stomach shrinks when you aren’t filling it with oily, fatty animal foods all the time?  Happy shopping. xx, B


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