What I Eat.

I get asked a lot what I eat on a daily basis and for some reason people tend to think eating “clean” or plant-based is boring. Well I am here to tell you it is not. The key is to eat as close to nature as possible so you can benefit from the nutrients and vitamins straight from the source. If you are eating plant based you shouldn’t be eating: animal products, anything with animal products in them (check yo labels), processed foods or foods with added sugars (but fruit sugar is ok). Try to stay away from high-fat foods (all animal products and even too much avocado and seeds) and oils as much as possible. I recently heard on a podcast with Dr. McDougall that oils are even worse than animal products for our health because they are so high in fat. I use coconut oil if I need to use oil for stir-fries and potatoes. Try to follow this as closely as possible but don’t get too crazy trying to be “perfect” as I believe it can sometimes lead you to crash and burn holding yourself up to that ideal.

There is a big plant-based community out there so use social media and the internet to your advantage when researching this lifestyle and to find recipes and ideas. Here are some of my favorite plant-based peeps who inspire me every day:
Forks Over Knives
Thriving Plant Based or Youtube @BananaBlondie108
ALEVEN / @lonijane 
Earthy Andy / @earthyandy
OneHungryMami / @onehungrymami

What I wanted to do is break down some of the common meals I eat on a plant-based lifestyle and share some pictures to get your creative juices flowing. I work a 9-5 job so these are real meals I make and consume at a normal job. I am also extremely lazy in the kitchen and plant-based makes it easy for me to just whip up a smoothie bowl or grab some fruit!


Breakfast: Smoothies, Juices, Acai Bowls, Smoothie Bowls, Oatmeal with fruit, Tofu Scramble with spinach, Fresh fruit with Rawnola & almond milk, Toast with Avocado on top or PB with banana, Chia Pudding with fruit, Oat Muffins (Forks Over Knives), Pancakes or Rice Flour French Toast, Rice Puff Cereal with almond milk

Snacks: Unlimited fruit & veggies (dip in hummus or guac), nuts, fresh juices or Suja Juice, Larabars, Dried Fruit (with no added sugar), Rice cakes with PB or Avo, Rice Crackers with hummus or guac

Lunch & Dinner: Veggie soups, salads, Veggie sandwiches / wraps, Cold bean salads, Mexi bowls, Sushi, Zoodles, Curry with tofu/tempeh & veggies, Stir-fries, Salads with Potatoes, Roasted veggies, Potato “fries, Mexican Bowls (rice topped with black beans, salsa & guacamole), Rice paper rolls with veggies (Earth Andy is the queen), Quinoa salads, Quinoa Pasta or Rice/Corn Pasta with sauce and veggies, Veggie Pizza Pitas (no cheese), Veggie Quesadillas, Veggie Tacos, Eggplant Parm with no cheese, Lasagna with cashew cheese, Quinoa or bean burgers

Dessert: Banana slices with PB & unsweetened coconut on top / PB, oat flour & honey rolled into balls / Dates rolled in coconut / Banana ice cream (blend frozen bananas) or any frozen fruit to create “Nice cream”

I hope this helped you. Please feel free to comment below or email me for more information on living a plant-based lifestyle. xx, Beth