Alexis Ren Admits Eating Disorder.

As an active Instagrammer I follow many “Insta models”. One of the most famous Insta models of the millennial generation is Alexis Ren, and after following her for a few years I started to notice how many people (women and men) would comment about her body on her posts and some have even created entire websites dedicated to her diet and workouts. I started to notice a trend of girls comparing themselves to her and commenting how they weren’t going to eat or they needed to workout after seeing her posts. It made me feel insanely grateful I wasn’t brought up in a time of social media. I myself have stopped following certain Instagrammers who triggered me to shop too much, so I can certainly understand models triggering people to change themselves when all you see when you scroll every day is perfect tanned bodies lounging in sunny locations.

I saw a few Insta posts where Alexis had been accused of photoshopping her pictures and she would fight back saying she hadn’t. I didn’t think much of it. She was also heavily accused of having an eating disorder which she never openly commented on. Until now.

Recently on  Twitter she posted “I am now healthy and able to eat full meals without guilt…” Ummm what?


Alexis recently opened up to Cosmopolitan and spilled the truth:

Over time, and without even noticing, Alexis gained some weight while abroad — a change she says her modeling agency pointed out when she returned to Los Angeles.

“They were like, ‘You did gain weight and if you could start working out a little bit more…'” she says, trailing off. “I just felt so out of control.”

“I was my worst critic ever,” she says. “The only sense of relief I had was to be able to monitor my eating and my workouts.”

Read the full Cosmopolitan article here.

I think it is wonderful that she has opened up about her struggles and is being honest with her followers as there are millions of girls who strive to look like her and think that she naturally looks that way, when in reality she over-exercised and under ate to achieve the “perfect” body so many people covet. It should remind us all that social media is not reality and that you also never know the internal battles others are fighting. Alexis had her own personal reasons that triggered her issues and we all have them. Just because someone looks to have the “perfect” life on Instagram doesn’t mean that they do.

My take? Stay off social media as much as possible so you stop comparing. Focus on the things you love about yourself and remind yourself of those when you are feeling down on yourself. Also, to be the healthiest version of yourself be kind to your body and eat as natural as possible. Stay away from junk food on the daily and try to move, whether it is walking, yoga or a workout class. There is no magic pill or unicorn diet to follow as we have all learned from the truth behind Alexis Ren.


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