Veganish in Vegas.

I was in Vegas for under 48 hours for a tradeshow this week and wanted to share how I kept my trip healthy and vegan-ish. Most of the places have pretty unhealthy food so sometimes you have to great creative. The highlight of my trip was meeting blogger The Skinny Confidential who was so sweet in person and has the most FLAWLESS skin. If you don’t follow her yet, get on it.

Traveling: I made sure to eat a fruit + a TJ’s quinoa salad before I left for the airport and brought Larabars for the plane. Once I am past security I buy a large water to bring on the plane and always order tea while flying to stay hydrated. I also took drops of colloidal silver before I left and brought Vitamin C with me to help boost my immune system and ward off bacteria.

STK @ The Cosmo // The first night I got in late and went to dinner with a coworker. It was a steakhouse so I was limited but I went with wild salmon over mushrooms and it was amazing. This is why I say #veganish because I am not the type to make a fuss over where I eat in group settings and I will still eat wild seafood when out to dinner.

Room Service // Fresh fruit plate in bed with coffee + soy milk (always ask for milk alternatives)

Costa di Mare @ The Wynn // The second night we ate at this amazing Italian restaurant before going to see Le Reve. We had fried zucchini apps, extra dirty martinis and pasta for dinner.

Momofuku @ The Cosmo // I had heard of Momofuku but never been so I was excited to try this out. They have two vegetarian ramen options so I chose the chickpea version and it was amazing. The reason it isn’t vegan is because they use butter in the broth but otherwise there are no animal products in the soup, so #veganish for the win! The shishito peppers with nutritional yeast are really good too.

Juice Bar @ The Hard Rock // This one was a lifesaver as they have acai and oatmeal to go, along with coffee and fresh juices and smoothies. I got oats one morning and a wheatgrass shot to help with my immune system.


I feel like I actually got to experience quite a few restaurants in my short time in Vegas. You could certainly be stricter than I was as everywhere had salads on their menus but I try to stay balanced and not too strict so I don’t become obsessive. Plant based, not perfect. Have a great week! xx, B


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