new year ready

Over the holiday break I made an effort to get a jump start on my new year goals so they weren’t something I just implemented on the 1st, but something I was already doing so the transition would stick. Here are the top goals I wanted to achieve:

Wake up earlier to see sunrises
I am not a morning person and I never have woken up just to see a sunrise so I tried really hard to do this over break and achieved it four times! This isn’t something I plan on doing all the time lol, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could and let me tell you – it was worth it.

Move every day
If you follow me you know I love Melissa Wood Health and have been doing her workouts for almost two months now. Since I can do them at home and they aren’t longer than 30mins I find myself doing them almost every night so I am moving almost every day in some way. I even did them while on vacation in the Bahamas in my bedroom and am absolutely loving them if you are looking for an at home workout.

Add a smoothie in every morning
So this was inspired by Melissa Wood Health (shocker) and her interview on The Skinny Confidential, which led me to start making smoothies every morning when possible. Check out MWH’s smoothie recipe here. Next I need to buy some spirulina to add in!

Save more money
The last year we have been paying off debt incurred from our home build and we finally have most of it done! Now I want to get into savings mode in both our personal savings and up our 401k contributions to build the best future for us.

Stop being afraid of confrontation
I am a Libra and absolutely hate confrontation. I used to have my college roommate screen my cell phone messages from guys I broke up with because I couldn’t even hear their voices. Anyway, I see this come up a lot as I tend to shy away any kind of confrontation in work and in life so I really want to be better about this trait and have already started implementing this one.

Cultivated newsletter
I wasn’t happy with how my cultivated newsletter was looking so I have redesigned it so it is more aesthetically pleasing and everything links on it so you can read more if you want or shop relevant products. I am pretty damn excited about it actually. Check out the latest New Years Issue here.

What goals do you want to achieve in 2018? Share them below. xx, Beth