Plantbased Meal Ideas

So now that you have the Haute & Healthy Weekly Plantbased Grocery List – what the hell do you make with it?

Below I am going to outline the meals I make from all the items on the list to give you ideas on how to make meals that will last you all week.

*Lemon is for lemon water in the morning or for salad dressing

Acai Bowls / Smoothie Bowls
Smoothies (add frozen spinach)
Oatmeals with berries
GGs/MGCs with cream cheese, cucumbers & tomato
Black Bean Tacos
Oatmeal with any fruit
Avocado Toast
Breakfast Potatoes or Hashbrowns + Smoothie
Bowl of fruit


// LUNCH //
No-tuna Tuna Salad over greens or as a sandwich
GGs/MGCs with cream cheese, cucumbers & tomato OR with avocado smashed
Avocado Toast
Black Bean Tacos
Salad with chickpeas or black beans
Acai Bowls / Smoothie Bowls


// DINNER //
Black Bean Tacos
Tofu & Broccoli
Salad & No Oil “Fries” with either potato option
Huge Salads with any veggies & fruit you want
Miso broth + Veggie Gyoza + Mushrooms = Vegan Wonton soup
Roasted Cauliflower with Sweet Potatoes
Shaved Brussels with Minimalist Baker’s Vegan Caesar Dressing (all ingredients are on this list)
Mushroom Tacos, Tofu Tacos


// SNACKS //
GGs/MGCs with cream cheese, cucumbers & tomato
Celery with vegan cream cheese or almond butter
Figs, apples, bananas, grapes, grapefruit – ANY FRUIT


Comment below if you have any questions or if there is anything additional I can add on the meals I make from this list. Also, share your ideas and meals you make from this with me on social media (hashtag me #hautehealthy or @hautehealthy), I love seeing what you are doing! xx, Beth